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Cutting Type Cage Adjusting Valve

Cutting Type Cage Adjusting Valve

Pressure Balanced Cage Type Pneumatic Flow Control Valve(HSC) Characteristics: This product is composed of the pneumatic multi-springs, pneumatic actuator and the low flow resistance sleeve. This valve uses the balanced valve core, the unbalanced force is small, the permission pressure...

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Product Details

Pneumatic cage guided shut-off valve
pneumatic cage guide shut-off valve is composed of shut-off valve and pneumatic cylinder actuator. It has a pressure balance type valve plug, a compact valve body that features low pressure loss and a large flow capacity
It is applicable for two-position type of control or the occasion where required immediately shut off
The valve with simple structure, convenient operation, credible performance and quick shut-off features which is applicable for auto control system in which requiring shut off completely and empty quickly for liquid or gas without impurity and particles    



The cage valve plug drawing



Standard specifications:
Type: straight-through, single seated, cast globe valve
Normal size: 125, 150, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450mm
Pressure rating: ANSI Class 150, 300, 600, JIS 10K, 20K, 30K.
PN 1.6, 4.0, 6.4MPa *
End connections: flanged: FF, RF, RJ, TG, MFM
Body & bonnet material: SCPH2/WCB, SCPH21/WC6, SCS13A/CF8, SCS14A/CF8M, SCS16A/CF3M, Ti and other alloy steels
Bonnet type: (P) plain type: -17 - +230℃ (EI) extension type I: +230 - +566℃, -45 - -17℃ (EII) extension type II: -100 - -45℃
Note: take care not to exceed the operating temperature ranges specified for required materials
Gland type: bolted gland
Packing: Teflon V-ring, grafoil
Gasket: flat type, saw-tooth type (carbon steel, stainless steel or other alloy steels)
Surface coating: SLV (epoxy resin group) is standard, in the case of stainless steel body, no painting is standard
Standard: JIS B2201-1984, JB/T79.1-94 (PN1.6MPa), JB/T79.2-94 (PN4.0, 6.4MPa), ANSI B16.5-2009, HG20592-2009, HG20615-2009
Valve plug type: pressure-balanced type plug with the composite seal ring or piston ring


 Located in LingQiao industrial  Zone,FuYang district,HangZhou City,P.R China, our company now has a plant area of 20, 000 m2 and a construction area of 35, 000 m2. With perfect control valve production, machining, inspection and testing equipment, we have established the CAD design center and physical & chemical inspection center to effectively ensure product quality and improve production efficiency. In addition, we have a powerful technical team, as well as a skilled and efficient management team. Over the years, on the basis of introducing advanced technologies from abroad, we have kept enterprising, pioneering and innovating to successively develop a series of new control valves that represent international advanced level. 

Our control valves are sold well in various industries such as petroleum, natural gas, chemical industry, power station, metallurgy, light industry, pulp & paper, medicine, food, urban construction, environmental protection, etc., winning high comment from users with good achievements



Packing Details: Wooden box and plywood case, standard export  packing.
In addition that we can  design and pack as your request.
Delivery Details : Shipped in 5-15 days after payment.



1.Q: I want someone to provide all the control valve system products,to accept my small qty order,And customized products

A:Hoyee manufacture all the range of automation control valve products,accept small QTY Order and support customized service


2.Q: I want to build up my own factory,but i have no experience,don't know how to choose the right product.

A:As a company with 15 years' experience in valve industry,Hoyee can design your plant and provide suitable production machines according to your capacity,quality level and other customized requirements


3.Q:No good and stable product, high cost and poor quality, no supplier can provide all the raw materials, and the sales are not professional.

A: Hoyee have a long stable relationship with raw material suppliers and entire incoming quality control system , guaranteeing products’ stability and quality. One-stop purchasing our stable, mature materials and formulas reduces the cost.


4.A: We don’t know how to install or repair machines, need long term technical services, and even ask for engineers.

We provide long and regular quality technical services, with the technical supporting from the engineers team with over 8 years’ experience in valve industry, and we will dispatch them to our clients’ factories to provide specific training and make sure every partner factory will operate well.

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