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Cryogenic Control Valve

Cryogenic Control Valve

ZXP/ZDLP/ZAZP series pneumatic/motorized single seat control valve structure is top guiding.The advantage as below: Compact structure Small volume Lighter Sensitive action S type Flow channel, low pressure drop loss, large circulation capacity,flow characteristic precise,easy maintenance. The...

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 ZXP/ZDLP/ZAZP series pneumatic/motorized single seat control valve  structure is top guiding.The advantage as below:

    1.The materials of compression parts can endure the expansion and shrinkage resulted from the temperature variation of medium ,and seal structure is away from permanent deformation under temperature changes .To work under the conditions below -100 ℃ ,the parts of valve shall be subjected to sub-zero treatment before finish machining .Namely ,have the parts cooled in liquid nitrogen box ,when the temperature of parts reaches -196 ℃,keep the temperature for 1-2h,then them out to have them to the normal temperature naturally ,and do in this way twice .


     2. Bonnet is shaped long-necked for the purpose to protect the function of packing box ,making packing box somewhat away from low temperature to ensure good seal of packing .Besides ,it can be wound with cold insulating materials to prevent loss of cold energy .The length of neck depends on service temperature and the thickness of good insulating material .When the seal effect of packing turns lower ,fill in grease to form up oil seal layer in the middle of packing box to lower the differential pressure of packing box and enhance the dependability of seal .


     3.To serve a temperature below -100 ℃,the material of valve stem shall be treated with chromeplating or nitriding to enhance the surface hardness of valve stem and the dependability of packing .


     4.Cryogenic ball valve takes a structure to avoid abnormal pressure rise .As the medium in cryogenic valve is gasifiled and rapidly expanded in volume ,the pressure will good extremely high .When the pressure in the middle cavity of valve rises ,the middle cavity and the inlet side can be communicated ,or a relief can be mounted at the inlet side of valves ,thus to ensure the safe use of valves .



Body Size:1.5B~12B(DN40~DN300)

Body Ratings: ANSI 150#,300#,600#,(900~2500#)          

                              JIS 10K,20K,30K,40K,(63K)

                              JB/T79-94 PN1.6,PN4.0,PN6.3,PN10

Characteristics:Equal Percentage,Linear


Temperature: -196~+565℃

Leakage:Metal SeatedANSI CLASS IV,V

                 SoftedSeatedANSI CLASS VI



1.Large Cv and large rangeability,Good Dynamic Stability,Suitable to hard controls of fluids

2.Pressure Balance Plug Type, Suitable to the controls of high-pressure fluids.

3.Adopt Imported Balance Seal,improved the Seat.

4.Trim form is easy for disassembly,reassembly, exchange and maintence.

5.Fine-Extension Type Bonnet    —         For Middle-High Temp(+230~+565℃)

                                                                       For Low Temp(-45 ~ +5℃)

Extra-long-Extension Type Bonnet   —   For Low Temp(-100~-45℃)

Long-Extension Type Bonnet   —      For Low Temp(-196 ~ -100℃)






Packing Details: Wooden box and plywood case, standard export  packing.
In addition that we can  design and pack as your request.
Delivery Details : Shipped in 5-15 days after payment.


image021(001).jpg  1.Q: I want someone to provide all the  control valve system products,to accept my small qty order,And customized  products
 A:Hoyee manufacture all the range of automation control valve  products,accept small QTY Order and support customized service
 2.Q: I want to build up my own factory,but i  have no experience,don't know how to choose the right product.
 A:As a company with 15 years' experience in valve industry,Hoyee  can design your plant and provide suitable production machines according to  your capacity,quality level and other customized requirements
 3.Q:No good and stable product, high  cost and poor quality, no supplier can provide all the raw materials, and the  sales are not professional.
 A:  Hoyee have a long stable relationship with  raw material suppliers and entire incoming quality control system ,  guaranteeing products’ stability and quality. One-stop purchasing our stable,  mature materials and formulas reduces the cost.
 4.A: We don’t know how to install or repair machines, need long term technical  services, and even ask for engineers.
 We provide long and regular quality technical services,  with the technical supporting from the engineers team with over 8 years’  experience in valve industry, and we will dispatch them to our clients’ factories to provide specific training and make sure every partner factory will  operate well.

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