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WC6 Sleeve Regulating Valve

WC6 Sleeve Regulating Valve

ZXM/ZDLM/ZAZM series pneumatic/motorized sleeve control valve This is a kind of improved pressure balance valve, the valve sleeve is equipped with high-performance sealing ring. The body structure is compact, the fluid channel is in an s-shaped streamlined, also have a improve fin sleeve around...

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Product Details

ZXM/ZDLM/ZAZM series small pneumatic sleeve regulating valve, lightweight, high-performance, high-capacity, a new generation of IEC-compliant universal valve products. It is suitable for the fluid medium and the process conditions in general production process-system.

The product consists of a new type of pneumatic multi-spring diaphragm actuator and low flow resistance sleeve valve. 


Features are as follows:

1, using the balance plug, allowing large differential pressure, stable operation.

2, valve guide is large, the oscillation caused by the eddy current and impact can be improved,and reduce damage.

3, compared with ordinary single seat control valve noise reduced about 10bd.

4, simple structure, easy assembly and disassembly and maintenance.




1.Nominal Diameter: DN20~DN300

2.Nominal Pressure :1.6Mpa, 4.0Mpa, 6.4Mpa

3.Flange Standard JB/T79.1-94, 79.2-94 etc.

4.Material:Cast steel,cast stainless steel,cast iron

5.Temperature:normal temperature: -20~+230°C, the thermal slug type -60~+450°C,

6.Flow Characteristic: equal percentage, linearity

7.Operation form: automatic open or close

8.Leakage:single-base valve: 0.01* rating Kv

       double-base valve, sleeve valve: 0.5%* rating Kv


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Packing Details: Wooden box and plywood case, standard export  packing.
In addition that we can  design and pack as your request.
Delivery Details : Shipped in 5-15 days after payment.



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 We have strict quality control system and amounts of testing equipments for different kind of valve, such as size, pressure, working environment etc. also can provide the competitive price. 


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