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PN1.6 Throttle Valve

PN1.6 Throttle Valve

ZXPE type small flow diaphragm single seat control valve which can control various of gas、liquid、steam flow.The Pressure class from 1.6MPa upto 11.0MPa.Rated flow coefficient can reach 4X10 -2 ,So it widely apply the place where need accurate control.Such as fine chemical engineering、food...

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Product Details

ZXPE type Compared with the ordinary single and double seat-regulating valve, small pneumatic diaphragm control valve has advantages of compact structure, light weight, sensitive action, fluid channel was S streamlined, small pressure drop loss, large valve capacity, flow characteristics is precision, easy disassembly and so on. Controlling is simple, response fast, no need to take another explosion-proof measures.

It is small shape, light body, good performance and big capacity. So it's the new type general regulating valve product. It is suitable for the common fluid medium and techniques condition industrial control system.


Main technical specification




PN1.6, 2.5, 4.0, 6.4; ANSI150, 300, 600; JIS10, 20, 30, 40

Pressure Range

15~50, 40~80, 60~100, 80~140, 120~180, 160~220, 200~260, 240~300, 280~350, 330~400, 380~450, 430~500, 480~560, 540~620, 600~700, 680~800, 780~900, 880~1000, 900~1200, 1000~1500, 1200~1600, 1300~1800, 1500~2100(Can be customized)

Flow characteristics

Quick opening

Regulation accuracy


Working temperature

Standard Type: 60~350°C

Low temperature Type: To be customized

Leakage class

Hand Seal: IV grade, Soft Seal : VI grade


Gas and Water


Commissioning has been completed in the factory, connected to the gas source and the input signal can be used


Packing Details: Wooden box and plywood case, standard export  packing.
In addition that we can  design and pack as your request.
Delivery Details : Shipped in 5-15 days after payment.



1.Q: I want someone to provide all the control valve system products,to accept my small qty order,And customized products

A:Hoyee manufacture all the range of automation control valve products,accept small QTY Order and support customized service


2.Q: I want to build up my own factory,but i have no experience,don't know how to choose the right product.

A:As a company with 15 years' experience in valve industry,Hoyee can design your plant and provide suitable production machines according to your capacity,quality level and other customized requirements


3.Q:No good and stable product, high cost and poor quality, no supplier can provide all the raw materials, and the sales are not professional.

A: Hoyee have a long stable relationship with raw material suppliers and entire incoming quality control system , guaranteeing products’ stability and quality. One-stop purchasing our stable, mature materials and formulas reduces the cost.


4.A: We don’t know how to install or repair machines, need long term technical services, and even ask for engineers.

We provide long and regular quality technical services, with the technical supporting from the engineers team with over 8 years’ experience in valve industry, and we will dispatch them to our clients’ factories to provide specific training and make sure every partner factory will operate well.

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