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Analysis of the relationship between valve size and flow rate of medium
- Sep 17, 2018 -

The flow rate and flow rate of the valve mainly depend on the size of the valve and the resistance of the valve structure to the medium.

The flow area of valve is directly related to flow rate and flow rate, which depend on each other.When the flow rate is constant, the flow rate is high, and the flow area can be smaller.If the flow rate is small, the flow area can be larger.On the contrary, the flow area is large and the flow rate is small.The flow channel area is small and the flow rate is high.

The flow rate of medium is high, the size of valve can be smaller, but the resistance loss is large, the valve is easy to damage.High velocity of flow will cause electrostatic effect on flammable and explosive media, which will cause danger.Flow rate is too small, inefficient and uneconomical.For highly viscous and explosive media, a smaller flow rate should be used.Flow rate of oil and liquid with large viscosity is selected with the viscosity size, generally 0.1-2m /s.

In general, the flow rate is known and the flow rate can be determined empirically.The nominal size of the valve can be calculated by flow rate and flow rate.

The valve has the same size, different structure, and different flow resistance.Under the same conditions, the Bigger resistance coefficient of the valve, the more flow rate and flow rate of the fluid through the valve.The lower valve resistance coefficient, the less flow rate and flow rate of the fluid through the valve.