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Applications for a Pneumatic Control Valve1
- Aug 21, 2018 -

A control system is a process which consists of control valves, actuators, controllers, and sensors. The goal of the control system is to provide maximum regulation to the plant operator or plant personnel. A Pneumatic control valve provides an essential means of controlling the variables inherent in regulating a control system.


A pneumatic control valve is a device that is used to regulate control loops in a process. One plant may have multiple control loops, which all require at least one type of control valve to monitor and control the process variable of the particular loop. Pressure, level, temperature, flow, etc., must all be maintained within specific set parameters in order to ensure a quality end product. Electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic actuators are used in conjunction with positioners and sensors to accurately control a pneumatic control valve, which in turn regulate the process media flowing through the system.