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Avoiding problems with Butterfly valves
- Aug 13, 2018 -

Shipment & Storage

  • Position discs at 10% open so that they are unseated.

  • The faces of each valve should be covered to prevent damage to the seat face, disc edge, or valve interior.

  • Store indoors, preferably with ambient temperatures between 5°C and 30°C.

  • Open and close the valves every 3 months.

  • Ship and store valves so that no heavy loads are applied to the bodies.

Valve Location

  • Butterfly valves should be installed if possible a minimum of 6 pipe diameters from other line elements, i.e. elbows, pumps, valves, etc. Sometimes this is not feasible, but it is important to achieve as much distance as possible.

  • Where the Butterfly valve is connected to a check valve or pump, keep enough space between them to ensure the disc does not interfere with the adjacent equipment.

Valve Orientation

As a rule of thumb, Butterfly valves be installed with the stem in the vertical position with the actuator mounted vertically directly above it, however, there are some applications where the stem should be horizontal. The .pdf file below tells you why the stem somtimes must be positioned horizontally.