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Ball valve classification
- Apr 28, 2018 -

Ball valves are divided into: floating ball ball valve, fixed ball ball valve, track ball valve, V ball valve, three-way ball valve, stainless steel ball valve, forged steel ball valve, ash ball valve, sulfur ball valve, pneumatic ball valve, electric ball valve, card sleeve ball valve, welding ball valve .

Classified by shell/body material, ball valves can be divided into:

1. Valves made of metal materials: such as carbon steel valves, alloy steel valves, stainless steel valves, cast iron valves, titanium alloy valves, Monel valves, copper alloy valves, aluminum alloy valves, and lead alloy valves.

2. Metal valve body lining valves: such as rubber lined valves, fluorine lined valves, lined lead valves, lined plastic valves, lined enamel valves.

3. Non-metallic valve: such as ceramic valves, glass valves, plastic valves.