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Butterfly& BALL Valve Automation Valve terminals
- Aug 10, 2018 -

Complete process valve assemblies, as seen in Image 1, are a widely accepted solution for process control. However, for on/off applications, there is an alternative to directly mounted solenoid pilot valves. In applications where multiple process valves are in close proximity to each other, a well-placed valve terminal would be the preferred solution for piloting those assemblies. Valve terminals can also be used in conjunction with a control cabinet in areas where electric equipment cannot be exposed to the ambient conditions. Coupled with remote I/O blocks, these diverse products provide a centralized control for the local field level components. Providing easily accessible diagnostic information simplifies both troubleshooting and maintenance.

Butterfly& BALL Valve Automation Valve terminals.jpg

Process valves are used across many different applications — including utility lines for cooling water, sanitary washdown for food-grade environments, and hazardous locations for the oil and gas industry. Application requirements are unique and should be reviewed on an individual basis to determine which products provide the best solution. However, process valve automation is the one sure step forward that will both improve efficiency and lower the cost of operation in any process application.