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Disk & Seat & Stem of Globe valves
- Aug 14, 2018 -

DISK: The most common disk designs for Globe valves are: ball disk, composition disk and the plug disk. Ball disk design is used primarily in low pressure and low temperature systems. It is capable of throttling flow, but in principle it is applied to stop and start flow.

Composition disk design uses a hard, non-metallic insert ring on the disk, which ensures a tighter closure.

Plug disk design provides better throttling than ball or composition designs. They are available in many different designs and they are all long and tapered.

SEAT: Globe valve seats are either integrated or screwed in to the valve body. Many Globe valves have backseats inside the Bonnet. Back seats provides a seal between the stem and Bonnet and prevents system pressure from building against the valve pakking, when the valve is fully open. Back seats are often applied in Globe valves.

STEM: Globe valves uses two methods for connecting the disk and the stem: the T-slot and the disk nut construction. In the T-slot design, the disk slides over the stem, while in the disk nut design, the disk is screwed into the stem.

Disk & Seat & Stem of Globe valves.gif

Disk & Seat & Stem of Globe valves.gif