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How do three-way control valves work?
- Jul 23, 2018 -

One of the most necessary components in the industrial sector is the valve. There are a wide variety of valve types, such as those that control pressure, temperature, and flow, but perhaps none is as useful as the 3-way valve. Here is some information on the three-way valve.

Overview of 3-Way Valves

The functioning of a 3-way valve is significantly different from other types of valves, which typically only operate in a 2-way manner. Unlike 2-way valves, the 3-way valve can control the fluid exchange between three separate transfer lines. For better control, the 3-way valve is usually paired with an actuator which itself is powered pneumatically, by electricity, or by temperature.

One of the functions of the 3-way valve is to completely shut off flow to one pipe, while at the same time allowing for fluid transfer to begin in a connecting pipe. The valve can also be used to mix two of the liquids that are being sent through the pipes. Lastly, the 3-way valve can take fluid from a single pipe and separate it into two pipes. And while all 3-way valves work similarly, there is a vast array of different valve sizes, which have varying flow rates.