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How does vibration affect valve performance?
- Jun 15, 2018 -

due to the process running through the valve, but it can also be attributed to the improper sizing of one part or the entire system. Can this be detrimental to the plant’s process? You bet! Let’s take a closer look at how vibration affects valve performance.

Today’s digital valve positioners use an electromechanical device called a potentiometer or “pot” to detect movement in the valve assembly. This potentiometer, while being electronic, has mechanical components inside called wipers. These wipers move with the valve, while contacting a resistive material. Over time, the “pot” components can be adversely affected by the extreme and repeated vibrations experienced in the valve assembly. The vibration will travel through the potentiometer and prematurely wear these mechanical components. Once this essential component is damaged, you won’t be able to maintain quality electrical contact with the element and you’ll start to experience poor resolution in your valve positioner. This in turn correlates to poor positioning and unpredictable valve control.