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Introduction to Valves - Bellow Sealed Valves
- Aug 21, 2018 -

Bellow(s) Seal(ed) Valves

In this article, the author Mr. Satish Chidrawar (at the bottom of this page you will find more about the author) first reviews the construction, design and operation of the bellow seal. He then provides various examples of where bellow seal Valves are use.

Leakage at various points in pipelines found in chemical plants creates emissions. All such leakage points can be detected using various methods and instruments and should be noted by the plant engineer. Critical leakage points include flanged gasket joints and the Valve / pump gland packing, etc. Today the chemical process industry is gearing itself towards safer technology for better environmental protection and it has become every process engineer's responsibility to design plants that limit damage to the environment through the prevention of leakage of any toxic chemicals.