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Optimization of valve work processes
- Jun 23, 2018 -

The project team should evaluate its documentation requirements and their impact on the overall schedule. In many cases, end users continue to rely on outmoded and outdated paperwork requirements and procedures. The goal should be to optimize the provision and use of:

  • Data sheets and sizing calculations

  • Drawings and procedures

  • Data packs

  • Electronic data exchange, FF2.0 to SPI

  • Submittal and approval process

Optimizing these documentation requirements can result in substantial savings. For example, with outdated work procedures, the project team must manually enter data and create/modify 3D control valve shapes for the piping design. In a typical project, this can require:

  • Editing 500 data sheets x 1 hour average per tag = 500 engineering hours

  • Entering 500 data sheets into a computer system x 0.5 hour each = 250 work hours

  • Building 500 valves in 3D models at 0.5 hour each = 250 design hours

  • Checking, revisions and management of change = 250 work hours

  • Total: 1,250 work hours

Many valve manufacturers now offer computer-based work procedures requiring considerably less time. For example, some procedures allow end users and EPCs to receive data electronically from the vendor to build pre-populated spec sheets, 3D shapes and dimensions – with only a few fields requiring editing – resulting in:

  • Editing 500 data sheets x 0.2 hour average per tag = 100 engineering hours

  • Importing 500 data sheets into valve sizing software x 0.002 hour each = 1 work hour

  • Placing 500 DDP shapes in 3D model at 3 minutes each = 25 design hours

  • No checking necessary. Revisions and management of change = 20 work hours

  • Total: 145 work hours

Using manual data editing adds 2.5 man-hours per valve, while using automated procedures takes only about 0.3 man-hours per each valve. Automated work processes also reduce rework during construction and minimize schedule delays.