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Regulator valve classification
- Apr 28, 2018 -

According to the stroke characteristics of the control valve can be divided into: straight stroke and angular travel. Straight trip includes: single seat valve, double seat valve, sleeve valve, cage valve, angle valve, three-way valve, diaphragm valve; angular travel includes: butterfly valve, ball valve, eccentric rotary valve, full-featured ultra-light control valve.

The regulating valve can be divided into: manual regulating valve, pneumatic regulating valve, electric regulating valve and hydraulic regulating valve, that is, a pneumatic regulating valve with compressed air as a power source, an electric regulating valve with electricity as a power source, and a liquid Medium (such as oil, etc.) pressure-driven hydraulic valve;

According to the adjustment form can be divided into: adjustment type, cut-off type, adjustment cut-off type;

According to the flow characteristics can be divided into: linear, logarithmic (percentage), parabolic, fast open.