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Types of Ball valves
- Aug 18, 2018 -

Ball valves are basically available in three versions: full port, venturi port and reduced port. The full-port valve has an internal diameter equal to the inner diameter of the pipe. Venturi and reduced-port versions generally are one pipe size smaller than the line size.

Ball valves are manufactured in different body configurations and the most common are:

  • Top entry Ball valves allow access to valve internals for maintenance by removal of the valve Bonnet-cover. It is not required to be removed valve from the pipe system.

  • Split body Ball valves consists of a two parts, where one part is smaller as the other. The ball is inserted in the larger body part, and the smaller body part is assembled by a bolted connection.

The valve ends are available as butt welding, socket welding, flanged, threaded and others.