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What are the industrial applications of Steam Control Valves?
- Jul 22, 2018 -

Steam is the mostly used medium for heat transfer in process control applications in industries. Steam Control Vales are largely used in steam driven turbines in electric power plants. The range of applications is quite large. However, Food-processing plants, Refineries and chemical plants are the users of different types of control valves driven by steam.

Here is a list of some typical applications of this valve:

  • Fluid heat exchangers

  • Re-boilers

  • Reactors

  • Combustion air pre-heaters

  • Sterilizers

  • Unit Heaters

  • Humidifiers

  • Direct Steam Injection Sanitary Heater

  • Ironers

  • Acid baths

  • Small storage calorifiers

  • Water treatment plants


We may conclude that steam control valve is a significant equipment to manufacture high-quality products in industries. Today, advanced technology and long lasting materials are used to manufacture these valves to prolong its life cycle. It is also imperative that process control engineers have to learn installation and application techniques of this important industrial equipment.