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7 Major Maintenance Techniques For Valves
- Aug 31, 2018 -

1, the valve sealing performance should be tested to ensure its performance.

2, should check whether the valve sealing surface is worn, and repair or replace according to the situation.

3, the valve storage environment needs attention, should be stored in dry and ventilated room, and plug the two ends of the road.

4. Valves installed and used should be regularly servicing to ensure their normal work.

5. The valve in operation should be in good condition. The bolts on the flange and bracket are complete. The threads are not damaged and there is no loosening.

6. Check the wear and tear of trapezoidal thread of stem and stem nut, whether the packing is out of date and invalid, and make necessary replacement.

7. If the valve is used in a harsh environment, susceptible to rain, snow, dust, sand and other dirt contamination, then the valve stem should be installed protective cover.

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