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According To Different Situations, Choose The Regulating Valve
- Apr 28, 2018 -

The valve body of the regulating valve is of many types, and commonly used are straight single seat, straight through seat, angular shape, diaphragm, small flow, three-way, eccentric rotation, butterfly shape, sleeve type, and spherical shape. When making specific choices, consider the following:

(1) Spool shape structure

Mainly based on the selected flow characteristics and unbalanced forces and other factors to consider.

(2) Wear resistance

When the fluid medium is a suspension containing a high concentration of abrasive particles, the internal material of the valve must be hard.

(3) Corrosion resistance

As the medium is corrosive, try to choose a simple structure valve.

(4) Temperature and pressure of medium

When the temperature and pressure of the medium are high and the change is large, the valve of the valve core and the seat material should be selected by the valve whose temperature and pressure change are small.

(5) Prevent flash evaporation and cavitation

Flashing and cavitation are only produced in liquid media. In the actual production process, flashing and cavitation will form vibration and noise, shortening the service life of the valve. Therefore, in selecting the valve, the valve should be prevented from flashing and cavitation.