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Control Valve Accessories Include
- Apr 28, 2018 -

Control valve accessories include:

1. The valve positioner is used to improve the control characteristics of the control valve to achieve correct positioning;

2. The valve position switch shows the working position of the upper and lower limit strokes of the valve;

3. Pneumatic valve When the gas source of the control valve fails, keep the valve at the opening position before the air source fails;

4. Solenoid valve realizes the electromagnetic switch of the gas circuit to ensure that the valve is in the desired safe opening position when the valve is in power failure;

5. Handwheel mechanism When the controller of the control system fails, it can be switched to the manual operation of the valve;

6, pneumatic relays to accelerate the action of the implementing agencies to reduce the transmission time;

7. Air filter pressure reducing valve is used to purify the air source and adjust the air pressure;

8. The gas tank ensures that when the gas source fails, the springless piston actuator can actuate the control valve to the fail-safe position. Its size depends on the size of the cylinder, the valve operating time requirements and the valve operating conditions;

In short, the role of the attachment is to make the control valve function more complete, more reasonable, more complete.