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Control Valve Development Direction
- Apr 28, 2018 -

From the application of control valves, the direction of development is as follows:

a. Small-scale implementing agencies: can reduce costs and increase circulation capacity.

b. Sleeve guidance: Sleeve guidance is beneficial to alignment, which is beneficial to reduce friction, is beneficial to noise reduction, and is conducive to the exchange of flow characteristics.

c. Balanced spool: In order to reduce the thrust or pushing torque of the actuator, it is important to use a balanced spool. It also improves the dynamic performance of the system.

d. Integral valve plug and valve seat: In order to overcome the shortcomings of poor sealing performance of the double seat valve, the valve body is composed of an integrated valve core and valve seat of the same material, and the leakage amount and the unbalanced force are simultaneously minimized.

e. Simple flow path: The flow path is simple and the flow resistance is reduced. Not only can the pressure loss at both ends of the valve be reduced, but also the cost can be reduced.

f. Sealing and Friction: Sealing performance and friction performance are two contradictory aspects. Control valve design must not only solve the sealing problem, but also must pay attention to performance indicators such as friction and life. Therefore, the study of stuffing box and packing structure has been paid attention to, Type control valve is widely used

g. Reduce noise: reduce control valve noise in many ways, for example, using noise reduction sleeves and valve cores, multi-stage valve cores, noise reduction current limiting plates, expanders, etc.

h. Use the same diameter of the control valve with the pipe and the internal trim of the restriction flow capacity: it is beneficial to reduce the inlet pressure of the valve and the flow rate of the outlet fluid, and no additional pipe fittings such as different diameter pipes are installed, which will help to reduce the cost and replace the large circulation capacity. Trim internal parts, expandable flow capacity, can correct errors by calculating valve size by limiting internal flow

i. In the era of digital information technology, more nonlinear valve laws will be implemented using smart valve positioners or digital controllers to compensate the nonlinearity of the controlled object, and less control valve flow characteristics will be used to compensate the nonlinearity of the controlled object.