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How To Inspect Self-operated Pressure Regulating Valve
- Jan 23, 2019 -

How to check the support of self-operated pressure regulating valve?

Due to improper assembly or installation, the pipeline of self-operated pressure regulating valve will produce various stresses, such as thermal stress caused by high temperature medium, stress caused by unbalanced fastening force during installation, stress caused by some man-made collision on the valve and its pipeline, etc. These stresses can easily affect the performance of the control valve and its pipeline, and seriously affect the control system itself, leading to the deformation of the stem and guide parts and not aligning with the seat; for the split valve body, they may cause the flange of the valve body to detach; and stress may also cause the leakage of the seat, etc. Therefore, stress should be avoided or eliminated at all times, and the stress should be directed away from the control valve.

Check the support of the self-operated pressure regulating valve.

The position of the regulating valve is to make the stroke direction of the stem in a vertical plane with the actuator above the valve body. If the control valve must be installed in the position where the stem moves horizontally, or when the direction of the stem moves at a certain angle to the horizontal plane, the actuator should be supported so that all parts of the control valve are in a natural state. If there is no support or improper support, it may cause the discrepancy between the stem and seat of the control valve, which may easily lead to the difference or leakage of the filler and other faults. Even if the control valve has fixed and supporting measures, it must be checked regularly, usually once every 2-3 months.

To remove or prevent foreign bodies from entering, it is necessary to check regularly whether there are rust, welding slag and dirt in the connecting pipe of the control valve, and remove them in time after discovery. If foreign matter is easy to accumulate in the control valve and pipeline, it is necessary to consider installing a simple filter device on the upstream side of the control valve. Permanent filters must be installed when hard impurities are easily infiltrated into the process media. Because when the control valve is closed, a small piece of rust or welding slag is enough to destroy the well-ground seating surface, and these dirt will also cause wear and tear on the control valve core and seat, affecting its normal operation.

Regular inspection of power supply and power supply:

The air source of pneumatic control valve is one of the key energy sources to drive the control valve. Although the membrane chamber of pneumatic control valve does not consume air, if the air source system contains impurities such as moisture and oil pollution, it will cause the valve positioner, relay and other accessories to block and malfunction. Therefore, it is necessary to inspect the gas source and power supply regularly to ensure that the gas source is clean, dry and reliable.

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