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- Aug 26, 2018 -

Packing seal refers to the dynamic sealing device which causes the compression force between the packing and the rotating part and the fixed part through the self-tightening action of preload or medium pressure.Also known as "stuffing box seal".It is mainly composed of packing, packing box and packing fastener.The commonly used packing materials are asbestos fabric, carbon fiber, rubber, flexible graphite and engineering plastics, which are preformed into rings or strips (some of which need to be pre-impregnated with lubricating filler), and adopt multi-ring or spiral multi-layer structure.Packing boxes are used for packing.Packing fasteners include gland, bolt and spring, etc., to make the packing pretighten and prevent leakage of medium during working. The spring can act as compensation.[1]

Chinese name packing seal

Foreign name: Gland Packings