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Select Valve According To The Parameter Of Regulating Medium
- Aug 30, 2018 -

In the production process, in order to make the pressure, flow and other parameters of the medium conform to the requirements of the process flow, a regulating mechanism shall be installed to adjust the above parameters.The main working principle of regulating mechanism is to adjust the above parameters by changing the flow area between valve disc and valve disc and seat.The valves of this type are collectively referred to as control valves, which are powered by the medium itself and are called self-drive control valves such as pressure reducing valves and pressure stabilizing valves, etc. Those which are driven by the leading power (such as electric power, compressed air and hydraulic power) are called other drive control valves, such as electric regulating valves, pneumatic regulating valves and hydraulic regulating valves.Reproduced from Shanghai star pump valve manufacturing co. LTD.