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Steels For Low Temperature Service Introduction
- Aug 12, 2018 -

Suitable for application under 0 ℃ low temperature steel alloy steel.Can be used under - 196 ℃, called cryogenic steel or cryogenic steel low temperature steel should be mainly has the following properties: (1) ductile to brittle transition temperature is lower than the temperature;The strength that the design requirements are met;The structure is stable at the temperature of operation.Good weldability and machinability;For some special USES, the fan also requires very low magnetic permeability, cold shrinkage and so on.According to the crystal lattice type, cryogenic steel can be divided into two categories: body centered cubic ferrite cryogenic steel and face centered cubic austenite cryogenic steel.

Suitable for low temperature steel interpretations below 0 ℃ application of low temperature steel and alloy steel classification ferrite austenite steel at low temperature